In Naked. Loud. Proud. the protagonists are drag and burlesque performers, trans and non-binary, bi- and queer.  Paweł, a low-ranking bank employee in his forties, travels with his boyfriend Gąsiu to a celebrated Prague burlesque festival to catch a performance by iconic American burlesque artist Dirty Martini, which later fuels his dormant desire to appear on stage. 

Kim Lee, Betty Q, Twoja Stara, Pin Up Candy, Red Juliette, Kali Katharsis, Gąsiu, Bunny de Lish, and Hieemeras also appear in the film, each a fierce individual residing in Poland, a country widely known for its lack of tolerance toward minority groups. What they share in common is passion for the stage and the need to express their stories with their bodies. Personas they create are the product of the long quest for self-discovery and a proof that one’s biggest complex may be transformed into the biggest asset. The community they form enables them to be whoever they want to be. Unfortunately, this freedom comes at a price.

The all female director’s team have created the very first film for  HBO Max Poland’s documentary series. It is also the first queer documentary in Poland that depicts the Polish queer scene, but also has a very universal message about love, freedom and courage to be yourself.  The five-episode documentary series, each part lasting 35 minutes, is now streaming on HBO Max.

The New HBO Max Original Documentary Series has been directed and written by creative duo Dellfina Dellert and Agnieszka Mazanek. Weronika Bilska, Zuzanna Kernbach and Michał Sosna direct photography. Izabela Łopuch is a producer for HBO Max. Hanka Kastelicova is the executive producer for HBO Max. Ewa Latkowska and Katarzyna Sikorska – Jędral executive produce for ZPR Media. Sound: Bart Putkiewicz; Editing: Paweł Długołęcki, Klaudia Kowalska, Maria Zuba; Music: Jan Komar and Daniel Sałaciński; Color grading and post production Joanna Skórka.

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