Shy 16-year-old Manuel (Martín Miller) lives in a small coastal town with not much excitement, however he comes alive when his best friend from childhood, Felipe (Teo Inama Chiabrando), and other buddies form a garage rock band. The two boys have a close, easy relationship made even more intense with the band and their music making. Felipe begins dating a girl, while Manuel also begins to date his female classmate Azul, yet all the while suppressing his nascent feelings for Felipe. Confused, and fearful that his feelings are not mutual, he retreats into himself, eventually lashing out which forces him to confront his feelings head on. Strong performances by both lead actors bring this touching story to the forefront of any questioning teenager who had feelings for a friend that were more than a good friendship.

Filmed in Argentina, Sublime marks the feature length debut of writer/director Mariano Biasin and lead actor Martín Miller, in a touching portrayal of first love alongside co-lead Teo Inama Chiabrando.

Available from Cinephobia Releasing. After an acclaimed run on the global queer film festival circuit, Sublime is now available on DVD, Cable and Digital VOD, including Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play and Vudu.

Director’s Notes – Mariano Biasin

“Sublime” is a take on friendship and love, at a moment in life when impulses and changes are overwhelming. I wrote the script in an attempt to explore an awakening. The instance in which an apparently indestructible bond is transformed. The search for a place where there isn’t any need to label urges. The challenge of recognizing love in all its forms. I set out to accompany a protagonist who tries to listen to his inner voice, terrified of making a mistake, of ruining what is most valuable to him. Asking himself if his desire is taking him in the wrong direction. And at the root of the story, music. As a compass, as a guide, as a refuge, as a way of learning.

The DVD of Sublime comes with a number of exclusive bonus features. 

Interview with Mariano Biaisin 

Audio Commentary with Mariano Biaisin & Martín Miller

Stills & Behind-the-Scenes Photo Reel

3 Music Videos

• The Making of Sublime Featurette

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