Greg’s Cookie’s is a one-act satire; a queer cultural comedy that deals with the changes happening on Toronto’s Church Street. 

Like all Toronto neighbourhoods, the once very gay Church Street is now under ‘condo attack.’ What was once a proud venue of gay bars, baths, and restaurants, mixed with family owned businesses of all kinds, Church Street has become prized corporate property. Condo residents are not very ‘bar friendly’ and like to shop at big box chain stores, so it’s goodbye to the mom-and-pop businesses on Church Street, except of course for Greg’s Cookies!

At Greg’s Cookies you can buy cookies and milk (what is more sweet and wholesome than that?), but with a gay flair. This means that Greg’s Cookies is a gathering place for all those allies of LGBTQS+ people, who turn up, often from Toronto suburbs. These allies are often young women who are lured by the sexy glamour of the gay village — and all the ‘un-eligible’ men to be found there.

Velma and Virginie, Siamese Twins and LGBTQS+ allies, are very excited indeed about their upcoming Church Street tourist adventure, and have settled on Greg’s Cookies as their destination. While waiting for their cookies, they have an eye-opening encounter with a nameless homeless man and finally meet ‘The Great Greg Himself’, a kind of God to them.

Starring Kirsten Johnson and Sigrid Johnson (as Siamese twins Velma and Virginie), Bruno Miguel (as A Nameless Homeless Man), and David Benjamin Tomlinson as Greg (Greg himself! The founder of Greg’s Cookies!),

Sky Gilbert’s new play is a queer cultural comedy that deals with the changes happening on our very own Church Street, with a brand of satire that is completely contemporary and gay as the day!

Greg’s Cookies 
The Epochal Imp – 123 Danforth Avenue (just east of Broadview)

October 17 – 9:00pm
October 18 – 9:00pm
October 22 – 2:30pm
October 24 – 9:00pm
October 25 – 9:00pm

$20 for general admission
$10 for students and seniors


Check out these special events before the following performances: 

October 18th – before the show, help Sky Gilbert celebrate the launch of his new book; Toller & Other Plays at 7:00pm

October 25th – head to the Imp early for The Liars Club: a monthly reading series before the show, starting at 7:00pm 

October 22nd matinee will be attended by ‘The Queen’

Note: All characters in this play are fictional, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Also, coincidental (but likely not) is one of the locations of the uber-popular Craig’s Cookies is at 483 Church Street, which is queer owned and operated by Craig Pike.


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