Shoulder Dance tells the story of two couples, one straight and one gay. One wild weekend. And a whole lot of baggage.

The slippery lines between friends, lovers, and partners threaten to trip up two couples—one gay, one straight—over a wild weekend of seductive games, all-out indulgence, and unraveling revelations in this witty, swoony summertime romance. 

After 24 years of radio silence, Ira (Matt Dallas) gets an anxiety-spiking blast from the past when his former high school best friend, and forever crush, Roger (Rick Cosnett), suddenly announces he’ll be stopping by Ira’s Hamptons hideaway. The news comes as a shock to Ira’s long-time, patiently smitten boyfriend, Josh (Taylor Frey), who can’t help but feel upended by this visit from a significant stranger he’s never even heard mentioned before. But when Roger shows up having matured rather nicely—with his glam, adventurous girlfriend Lilly (Maggie Geha) at his side—it seems the foursome are in for an encounter to be remembered. It’s just a question of whether it will be remembered for epic heartbreak or a liberating new start. 

The party kicks off with wine, hot-tubbing, laughter, and karaoke. Then Roger and Lilly introduce risky new diversions into the mix. Temptations mount, secrets spill, regrets loom, long-bottled desires uncork … and by Sunday night, the exuberant houseguests will either shatter the peace or shape Ira and Josh’s whole lives going forward. 

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Writer/director Jay Arnold (What Happens Next) crafts a refreshingly romantic, yet nakedly honest, tale out of a nearly-lost weekend of sexy debauchery, true confessions, and realizations no one saw coming. 

Showcasing the chemistry of rising stars Dallas (Kyle XY), Cosnett (The Flash), Frey (It Chapter Two) and Geha (Gotham)—in all their characters’ shifting combinations—the film becomes an enchanting exploration of the gaps between our unexplored fantasies and what’s really going on in our hearts.

Also starring Samuel Larsen (Glee) as Josh’s charmingly meddlesome friend, Shoulder Dance recently won Best LGBTQ Film and Best Supporting Actress for Geha at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. The film is produced by Jay Arnold, Rod Hamilton (The Estate) and Frank Lomento, and the consulting producer is Mark Bobadilla (Just Shoot Me). The creative team includes cinematographer Michael Franks (Saturday Night Live) and production designer Christine Brandt (Master Gardener), with casting by Lauren Bass and Jordan Bass, CSA. 


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