The Hottest Summer is a story of friendship and love, between romantic comedy and drama, framed by the magical and sensual atmosphere of southern Sicily.

Each year Lucia volunteers at a Summer Camp in Sicily. This summer however, will be the hottest on record, not just because of the crazy weather, but also because of Nicola, the new soon-to-be-priest deacon who, besides being extremely handsome, hides a tormented and idealistic soul. His arrival sows panic in this seaside community, upsetting Lucia’s plans forever.

It’s the last summer before Lucia  leaves for university in Rome, and separating from Valentina, her best friend. I’s also Nicola’s last summer as a free man, before becoming a priest. Lucia will spend her vacation dividing her time between volunteering in the parish Summer Camp and taking care of the animals and the park of the large villa that houses it. She also has a boyfriend who fears divulging his love for a Catholic girl to his Muslim parents.

Nicola’s arrival in Don Carlo’s parish brings euphoria and turmoil to the village. Everyone immediately likes the young deacon, including Arturo who hopes he’s gay, but especially Valentina, who sets out to win him over. To help her friend, Lucia gradually grows closer to Nicola, discovering that she shares many interests and a similar sensitivity with him, until an incident comes to spark a burning passion between them, and both must decide what future they choose. In typical Italian flair, the film delivers many comical laughs throughout, from both the main characters and the general town residents.

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THE HOTTEST SUMMER was directed by Matteo Pilati (Mascarpone) and written by Pilati, Giuseppe Paterno Raddusa, and Tommaso Triolo. The film stars Gianmarco Saurino, Nicole Damiani, Alice Angelica, Stefania Sandrelli, Nino Frassica, Michela Giraud, and Giuseppe Giofre. It’s produced by Amazon Studios and Notorious Pictures in associtaion with Rufus Film. 

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