A Wonderful Life is a new holiday-themed film that will fill your heart with warmth and happiness. Two childhood friends are reunited after 30 years under unusual circumstances, and discover that they have more in common than what they both thought, including a continued admiration for each other.

The story begins in October, just before Halloween. Bailey is a single middle-aged man living with his medicated mother in Florida, who suffers from chronic pain. He’s also having to contend with a few issues of his own, having recently losing his dog by a tragic accident, and being informed that he will be losing his job at the end of the year due to company closure.

Adding to these anxieties, his mother informs him that his childhood best friend, Greyson, is coming to visit after not seeing him for thirty years. Greyson is also single and living with his mother, and they are considering relocating to Florida to escape the harsh northern temperatures. Time spent together gives Bailey new hope, a new love, and shows him what a wonderful life he truly has.

A Wonderful Life is from award-winning writer/director Jeff London, starring Ben Stobber (Greyson), David McMahon (Bailey), Mel England (Jack), and Elaine Ballace (Bailey;s mother). Co-stars include Barbara Reininger (Greyson’s mom) and Scott Emory Parker. Produced under London’s Radioactive Cactus, executive producers are David-Matthew Barnes, John Brumfield, and Paul Burchett.

London’s movies frequently tell stories about the lives of small-town LGBTQ+ people, largely overlooked in mainstream films. His last feature was Best Day Ever, starring Mel England, Tom Saporito, and Peter Stickles, streaming on Amazon Prime and Wolfe Video.

For more information about the movie, click A Wonderful Life or follow it on Facebook. Watch the trailer and stream on Vimeo. An Amazon Prime Video release will follow

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