The Q Musicale is a new LGBTQ+ music event taking place June 22, 2024 in Toronto at Barbara Hall Park (519 Church Street). We had an opportunity to chat with two of the key organizers behind this event to see what can be expected. Details are still being finalized, but check the website for all the latest updates.

What inspired you to create this event?

Antoine Elhashem: As a new artist myself I started seeing the lack of live entertainment venues in the city and how difficult it is to book one. And the more I talked to fellow artists, I saw that they face the same struggles. So I thought hey why not create an opportunity. I figured a day celebrating music, where we all come together as artist and community would be magic and will serve as a catalyst for artists to make connections, support one another, create exciting collaboration and more.

Sherry Sylvain: As a musician/performer and long-time community member, I recognize the insufficiency of opportunities for 2SLGBTQ+ live music artists within the community to which we belong, and have long felt saddened that we must deal with venues and audiences where we either hide our reality, or deal with homo/trans phobia.

What is your overall mission in terms of programming?

Sherry: To raise the profile of 2SLGBTQ+ live music artists within our own community, and beyond, and to provide opportunities for these emerging artists to be the primary focus of events with the community, while being compensated at a living rate, while continuing to appreciate and support recognized artists.

Who are some of the entertainers on the schedule?

Antoine: We are still working on a few last artists, but the roster we have is exciting, from bands to solos and duets, from dance to jazz, to rap, to R&B and folksy, we have something for everyone. We prefer to hold off on highlighting just a few a few, and wait until we are ready to release the full lineup.

What overall experience are you wanting to provide for attendees?

Sherry: We want everyone to have a joyous experience discovering new 2SLGTQ+ music artists, while rediscovering their appreciation for artists who have been a part of our community history. Come out, have fun, listen to much, and dance.

Tell us about your partnership and involvement with Pride Toronto and the Church-Wellesley Village?

Antoine: I have been in chats with Pride Toronto for a couple of years about the idea of creating such a festival. This year we got a green light on this, and Sherry eagerly jumped on board as her and I have always talked about creating such a space. Pride Toronto had the good idea of connecting me with Church Wellesley Village as they thought this festival might be ideal to be part of the Church Street Festival, the weekend before pride. The rest is history.

The Q Musicale takes place at Barbara Hall Park, 519 Church St, Toronto – June 22, 2024, 1pm – 11pm. Check the website for a schedule of performances.

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