We Are Dancing Together (feat. Shelly-Ann Skinner) is the latest single release by el Hashem, a Lebanese Canadian artist, residing in Toronto. el Hashem describes it as “a joyous celebration of a future world where humanity learned from its errors and there is only love and dancing.”

el Hashem started recording songs in 2020, singing songs that were influenced by his trailblazing aunts who made their own contributions to music in Lebanon. el Hashem invites listeners to “celebrate songs and make memories together.”

He initially began by recording a number of cover songs, which were received very warmly (150K+ streams on Spotify), before releasing two successful singles “I Miss You Mom/Emi Ana Meshtaalek” and “Not the Kinda Heart That Falls Apart”, followed by his latest EP “Come Party in My House”.

Having grown up feeling “different” from those around him, el Hashem has always wanted to create a world full of things that can bring joy and happiness to people. He believes songs do that and so much more. He sees songs and his role as an artist is to bring people together, to bridge cultures, to create a moment of joy or a powerful emotion.

Grab a listen to “We Are Dancing Together” below, then dance into the horizon, and share it with your friends.

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