The Toronto Blue Jays take on the Cleveland Guardians in their annual Pride game celebration, taking place on Friday, June 14, 2024 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, with a start time of 7:07pm.

Beginning pre-game and running throughout the game there will be interactive activities, performances, entertainment and more across the ballpark, and the first 15,000 fans will receive a Blue Jays Rainbow Rope Corduroy Hat Giveaway. Grab your tickets now.

New City Connect Uniform

The first-ever Blue Jays City Connect “Night Mode” uniform was unveiled on May 31, 2024.  Every detail of the new uniform reflects Toronto, evoking the city’s lively energy when the sun goes down, with subtle nods to the team’s representation of an entire country. 

There are several unique design elements to capture the energy of Toronto: 

  • Illuminated Skyline: The rhythmic skyline graphic, proudly displayed across the uniform chest, portrays the pulse of Toronto’s Night Mode and the vibrant lights that reflect off the pitch blue of Lake Ontario. The iconic dome of Rogers Centre – home of the Blue Jays – sits at the core beneath the imposing CN Tower.

  • Landmark Toronto Sign: For the first time since 2003, the chest of a home Blue Jays uniform dons our city’s name. The new font is inspired by the vibrant landmark TORONTO sign at Nathan Phillips Square, with modern details reminiscent of the beloved Blue Jays split font. In addition, this is the first time since 2003 that a home uniform features a number on the front.

  • Pitch Blue, Speed Red, & Hyper Royal – A Night Mode version of the core Blue Jays colours, the bold new combination brings a dark base colour back for the first time since 2011. The “pitch blue” is inspired by the hue of Lake Ontario at night, while Speed Red and Hyper Royal add energetic accents while maintaining a distinctly Canadian identity. The shoulder of the jersey features a “hyperized” bird head – a modern version of the logo that has been core to the Blue Jays brand for nearly 50 years.

  • City Connect ‘T’ and Hat – For the first time since 2011, the Blue Jays have a completely new mark. The distinctive “T” on the City Connect cap emulates the pillars of City Hall on the Toronto flag, while the maple leaf at its centre reflects the Blue Jays playing for an entire nation. Inside the cap, the rhythmic skyline encapsulates the pulse of the city.

  • Diversity Our Strength – Written across the uniform neckline, the phrase is intentionally placed as the closest feature to the wearer, representing who we are at our core as a city and country. It comes from the Toronto Coat of Arms, reflecting the city’s multicultural identity and belief that our diversity – in neighbourhoods, traditions, ethnicities, cultures, social backgrounds, and so much more – is what makes Toronto thrive.

  • City Flag Double Stripe – A look that is quintessentially Blue Jays, double stripes have been fundamental to the team’s uniform since 1977. The Hyper Blue pant stripes line up with the “T” on the jersey sleeve, mirroring the matching cap.

Toronto’s City Connect jersey, as well as the largest assortment of City Connect merchandise, including elite and limited jerseys, hats, and fashion merchandise, are available exclusively at Jays Shop and merchandise kiosks at Rogers Centre. Fans are invited to visit the gate 5 flagship store across from the CN Tower and a pop-up City Connect Jays Shop near Gate 8 off Bremner Blvd. On game days, both the gate 5 and 8 Jays Shops are available to fans without a game ticket until 90 minutes prior to the gates opening. Blue Jays fans across Canada can also purchase City Connect merchandise online

The City Connect uniform will be worn throughout the remainder of the season at home exclusively during the following games.

  • June 17, 19, 28

  • July 3, 19, 24

  •  August 8, 21, 23

  • September 13, 23, 25

The Nike MLB City Connect Series celebrates the deep-rooted history, culture, and spirit of each of the 30 MLB teams. Designed in collaboration with Nike, each club’s uniform is unique and tells a story of the special bond between the team and their home city. For more information on the Toronto Blue Jays City Connect uniform, visit

Tickets are available at Check out for all the great events taking place throughout the 2024 season. 

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