The Q Musicale is Toronto’s newest 2SLGBTQIA+ music festival that was created to fill a void for artists who lack opportunities for representation. This was the concept behind the producers desire to launch a festival that specifically celebrates queer music and song writing.


Founder Antoine Elhashem (from INspired Media, the leading LGBTQ+ media platforms and magazine) and founding partner Sherry Sylvain, are two passionate artists themselves, and understand the need for such a festival. This was confirmed by notable public figures and established organizations such as Pride Toronto, Church-Wellesley BIA, MPP Jill Andrew, and MPP Kristen Wong-Tam, each providing support letters to launch the festival.

Pride Toronto came on board as an affiliate partner, followed by the Church-Wellesley BIA, to make this event a new exciting part of Pride Toronto and the Church-Wellesley BIA Festival Street Closure, offering support and a location for the event at Barbara Hall Park. From 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., the community and the neighbourhood will enjoy performances by 20 plus queer artists and five fabulous hosts.

“I have dreamt of such a festival like this for a long time. The idea of a day to celebrate our community artists, our music, and party with our community and allies. I believe this will be a great initiative that will grow over the coming years” said Elhashem. Sherry Sylvain added, “I have long lamented the lack of 2SLGBTQ+ spaces for live music, where one could perform without facing homophobia/transphobia and other forms of discrimination which impede one’s ability to perform as their true selves, and share the full extent of their creativity, identity, and talent.”

The Q Musicale takes place at Barbara Hall Park, 519 Church St, Toronto – June 22, 2024, 1pm – 11pm. Check the website for a schedule of performances.

ABOUT The Q Musicale
Founded in 2024 by Antoine Elhashem and Sherry Sylvain, The Q Musicale Ltd are leading the charge in curating 2SLGBTQIA+ live entertainment festivals and initiatives. Armed with a mission to amplify the voices of queer artists, the determined duo’s goal is to provide space and exposure for both emerging and established 2SLGBTQ+ artists to share the immensity of their unrestricted talents and identities.


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