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Our Events Editor picks a few favourites


Clean, Sober and Proud Place is a substance-free area located within a parkette near the centre of all the action at Church and Wellesley. All are welcome to stop by and take a break from the busy streets, sit back on the grass, and catch some amazing programming from a variety of community members all weekend long. There are also support meetings throughout the day for those interested.

Saturday programming begins with performances by four of Toronto’s queer dance community groups (Swingin OUT Club, LGBT Dance at University of Toronto, Rainbow Ballroom, Toronto Wranglers), who are then followed by the Queer Asian Youth Cabaret, always a great time! Next we move into live music with Aaron De Sousa, followed by drag performances by Barbie Jo Bontemps, Dimanada Tension, Vanity AlaMode, and Helena Poison, finally ending the evening with the musical talents of Sherry Slyvain.

Sunday we do some stretching with The Nia Technique: Dance, Get Fit, Have Fun, then relax with the eclectic sounds of Das Fagott Mannschaft. Next the amazing Farrah-N-Hyte and Donnarama will dazzle you with their onstage antics, before three members of Girls Rock Camp (Brighid Fry, Deanna Petcoff, Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok) show us how girls rock! This is followed by Montreal’s Saturn Alien, and local favorites Jessica Clausen, Kendall Partington, Power of Three, Ori Dagan, Brooke Nicholls, and finally the amazing Roxie Terrain will close out the evening.

Group Support Meetings each day, 10AM to Noon, 4PM to 5PM, 6PM to 7PM, and 9PM to 11PM

Paul Kane Parkette 58 Wellesley Street @ Church Street, Toronto

Saturday June 27th, 2015

1000AM -1100AM Group Meeting
1100AM – 1200PM Group Meeting
1200PM – 300PM Swingin’OUT Club
1200PM – 300PM LGBT Dance at University of Toronto
1200PM – 300PM Toronto Wranglers
1200PM – 300PM Rainbow Ballroom of Toronto
300PM – 400PM Sapphire Dance Productions
400PM – 500PM Group Meeting
500PM – 600PM Queer Asian Youth Cabaret
600PM – 700PM Group Meeting
700PM – 720PM Aaron De Sousa
730pm – 830pm Barbie Jo Bontemps, Dmanada Tension, Vanity AlaMode and Helena Poison
830PM – 900PM Sherry Sylvain
900PM – 1000PM Group Meeting
1000PM – 1100PM Group Meeting

Sunday June 28th, 2015

1000AM – 1100AM Group Meeting
1100AM – 1200PM Group Meeting
1200PM – 100PM The Nia Technique: Dance
100pm – 120pm Das Fagott Mannschaft
130PM – 150PM Farrah-n-hyte / Donnarama
200PM – 220Pm Brighid Fry
230 PM -250PM Deanna Petcoff
300PM – 320PM Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok
330PM – 400PM Saturn Alien
400PM – 500PM Group Meeting
500PM – 530PM Jessica Clausen
530PM – 600PM Kendall Partington
600PM – 700PM Group Meeting
700PM – 720PM Power of 3
730PM – 750PM Ori Dagan
800PM – 820PM Brooke Nicholls
830PM – 900PM Roxxie Terrain
900PM – 1000PM Group Meeting
1000PM – 1100PM Group Meeting

Programming coordinated by TX Productions and Sherry Sylvain

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Alterna-Queer remains a hidden oasis away from the crowds, with all day programming from a more bent angle. Situated within a park-like setting with grass and trees to kick back and relax, or kick off your heels and dance.

The day begins at 2pm with an hour of programming from Girls Rock Camp, featuring Five Good Answers, Come Back Barbara, and Hex. The girl power continues with Beaver Slap, Bone Donor, and Damage Over Time, before the fabulous Divinesque hits the stage with her terrorist-drag, and Jenna Syde brings forth her noir-drag. The afternoon continues with an operatic interlude from the wonderful Helene Ducharme, before No Pants Society drops everything for an hour of titillating performances, followed by the Judy and Igby Trash Cabaret gets down and dirty.

Evening programming begins at 7pm with the Missfats, an all-female Misfits cover band, followed by Rags and Bitches, who join forces once again for a one-off performance. Finally, as darkness descends the spotlight is turned over to GASH, a punk rocking BDSM band, before headliners My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult blast the stage with their wild electro-sexual madness that will leave you breathing heavy…from dancing!

With Host Andrew Harwood and DJ’s Candy-Ass and Triple-X providing interlude noises between acts.

2pm to 3pm Girls Rock Camp showcase with Five Good Answers, Come Back Barbara, and Hex
300pm Beaver Slap
330pm Bone Donor
400pm Damage Over Time
430pm Divinesque
445pm Jenna Syde
453pm Helene Ducharme
500pm No Pants Society
600pm Judy and Igby Trash Cabaret
700pm Missfats
730pm Rags and Bitches
800pm Gash
900pm My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

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