Queer Thought Leadership, Personal Growth, and LGBTQ social justice. Darren Stehle discusses the unique socio-cultural contributions that LGBTQ+ people offer humanity. He critiques the status quo by challenging rigid ideologies, heteronormativity and prejudice while offering solutions to create a more diverse, loving and accepting world.” .

About the Author

Antoine Elhashem is a media junkie. His first memory is of his mom sitting him in front of the TV to watch The Flintstones, while she did house work. Since then his love for pop culture, film, TV, radio, and all things media have grown immensely. He is a proud owner of 2,000 or more movies on DVD. Being part of INspired Media and working with a very creative team feels like a dream every day, and he feels blessed to have the opportunity to love what he does and do what he loves. He is thrilled to share this love with our LGBTQ community. Antoine is the president of INspired Media (inspiredmediainc.ca), publishers of theBUZZ (thebuzzmag.ca), PinkPlayMags (pinkplaymags.com), The Pink Pages Directory (thepinkpagesdirectory.com), and is host of On the Couch (onthecouch.ca)