Hey Pigeon!

I am so excited today to write to all of you and let you know about Here & Queer! It’s a new show on NewMusicNation that celebrates 2SLGBTQ+ artists from all over Canada and I am the host!

Do you remember a while back, I wrote about Ed The Sock, who was starting NewMusicNation? Well Pigeon, they have done it, with a show that features artists from across Canada in the way we used to on many video music channels from the past.

After a few chats with Ed The Sock, and their willingness to be inclusive and diverse, Here & Queer was born.  During a hot and humid sticky day on Church Street in Toronto, we filmed the very first episode of Here & Queer. I was sweating Pigeon in places that I haven’t been sweating in a long, long, long time. I had boob sweat and that was a first for me. Anyway, we showcased a few local businesses like Glad Day Book Shop in our videos.

Now, the exciting part Pigeon! Are you an amazing artist that wants to share your music? Then here is your chance to gain some following that you have been looking for. We need artists, we need your music, we need you to follow us!

You can submit your music here, and make sure to mark it as 2SLGBTQ+ in the genre so that I get your music directly. It does not need to be a professional video either, just do your best and follow the instructions Pigeon. Yes, read the instructions Pigeon, do not just read with man eyes….lol.

We fight for space every day Pigeon just to be equal and here is a platform that you can be equal on. Join me, Geri Atrick,  and check out and share our very first episode here.

Steven Kerzner, Founder of NewMusicNation said the following, “We see you. We hear you. We respect you and know how important the 2SLGBTQ+ are to all communities. This is a great opportunity to showcase the many amazing talented individuals that come from Canada. Diversity is important, and we need diversity because we represent all communities. I am working very hard to ensure everyone has a voice and an opportunity to showcase their talent in a positive way that benefits all.”

I am bursting with excitement Pigeon, where I am almost wet all over again!

Get those videos in Pigeon!


Geri Atrick

About the Author

Geri Atrick is co-host of Not So Str8 Talk, a show that focuses on marginalized & 2SLGBTQ+. Geri also organizes national events around music and the arts, is deeply passionate and active in politics, and is an advocate on many social justice issues. Giver her a little wine and you will never know what she will say. Check out the show at www.str8talk.ca