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The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is a blog that explores events and issues of public interest in various sectors across Canada and further abroad, from the lens of a Black, Caribbean-born, lesbian living in one of the greatest nations on earth. Having an event that you think I’d be interested in covering? If so, contact me at or visit my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, all at account name @tashekalavann.

The Painful Encounter That Led To Me Falling In Love With My Blackness

posted Wednesday, February 1, 2017

by: in Activism, Featured Events, Music, Queer, Toronto

I was only nine years old when I came face to face with a ‘racist’. The sad thing about this encounter was not only what was happening to me, but the other person, who had no idea that they were actually inciting racial hatred. That person was another nine year old girl. I remember the day like […]

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Finding Happiness in Canada As A Caribbean Lesbian

posted Friday, January 20, 2017

by: in Toronto

If someone had told me I would be living in Canada two years ago, I’d probably ask that person if they needed medication. I mean, I always saw myself basking in the sun on a beautiful Caribbean beach in January, ya right! The truth is, my life was already planned out. I wanted my partner […]

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