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Wigged Out

Unzipping Zipperz

posted Monday, March 2, 2015

by: in Clubs, Drag, Events, Music, Toronto

As I sashay my way through a crowd of joyous queens partaking in a line dancing lesson on the famous dance floor of Zipperz/Cellblock on a chilly Wednesday night, I land myself in a seat of general manager Harry Singh’s office to get the scoop on one of gay T.O’s most enduring and longest running […]

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Let’s FLY Again

posted Monday, August 18, 2014

by: in Celebrity, Drag, Events, Music, Uncategorized

Quicker than a ray of light, FLY Nightclub (8 Gloucester Street) throws on it’s dancing shoes and kicks open it’s doors once again. The gays and girls were back in gear for the reopening party August 2nd and was welcomed back with cheers from queers and half nude dudes. The famed Gloucester Street discotheque exclusively […]

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Studs n’ Suds

posted Monday, July 14, 2014

by: in Clubs, Drag, Events

I surf boarded on down to The Steamwork’s Bath’s “Tighty Whities Car Wash” as it soaked up Church Street once again this summer, drawing cars and admirers of men in drawers scrubbing away in the famed Steamworks entrance alley way. Allies and friends for the good cause dawned their tightest whites and showed off their […]

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Light Up My Life

posted Thursday, June 12, 2014

by: in Clubs, Drag

When the sun goes down, the birds find their nest, the squirrels squirrel away and the hookers hit Jarvis. The big city lights come about to illuminate the streets of the gay village and I rise from my coffin and head off into the illumination. And yes, I first brush my teeth with a bottle […]

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