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In this issue we’ve got two well-known and talented Canadian entertainers. Our cover feature is with Rick Mercer, former television host who is ready to hit the road again doing what he loves best, stand-up comedy. The Just For Laughs Comedy Night in Canada tour kicks off October 23 in his hometown of St. John’s Newfoundland. Our second feature is with musician/author, Bif Naked, who has been rocking out since her rise to the top of the music charts in the early 1990s, with such classics as, Spaceman. Having survived a bout of cancer, she’s back with a book detailing her experience, and new music is on the horizon as well. Toronto’s own Eva Lasting guest writes our Wigged Out column, telling us why it’s cool to mix politics with drag. In our regular columns, Cat Grant spoke with the artist Constance Rennet, Boyd Kodak caught up with musician T. Thomason, Paul Bellini puts together is Fantasy Fall Feast, and Raymond Helkio lets us know what’s happening at Unlovable, the lovable bar in Toronto’s west end. As always flip to the back pages for Sherry Sylvain’s BUZZpicks of events and happenings in and around Toronto. Enjoy the read!

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